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More than 100 year of experience, loyal customers and top performance: the Legacy and the Future of the only DEUTZ-FAHR C9000 Series. Four models: C9305 TS, C9305 TSB, C9306 TS and C9306 TSB. These machines combine outstanding productivity with extraordinary versatility (for large area applications), an elegant design, incredible comfort and functionality, for unparalleled harvesting performance with all types of crop. With powerful engines, superlative fuel consumption and unbeatably low running costs and simple maintenance, the C9000 Series is truly remarkable.


A sublime working pleasure
Schumacher Easy Cut II cutting system

The Schumacher Easy Cut II high performance TANDEM cutting system consists of a blade with individually bolted sections. The cutter blades are arranged in an alternating configuration for clean, quiet operation and minimised wear. If necessary, blade guide rollers are also available, which keep the blade pressed in the optimum cutting position and considerably reduce vibration and blade wear.

Proportional pick-up reel

The proportional pick-up reel is equipped with six bars, each carrying a set of extremely resilient and flexible plastic teeth, which are easily replaceable and settable at an adjustable angle. The pick-up reel is mounted on arms sliding on Teflon guides (for quick, precise hydraulic adjustment of tooth inclination), and is adjustable in position horizontally or vertically relative to the cab, to cater ideally for different harvesting conditions. The pick-up reel may be synchronised with ground speed.


An electronic cutter bar control system, which keeps the cutter bar uniformly aligned in all terrain and crop conditions. The Autocontrol system uses sensors on large metal fingers to automatically follow the terrain and maintain the settings made by the operator. The operator settings for automatic lateral cutter bar adjustment, cutting height and ground pressure are managed and maintained by the electronic control unit of the combine harvester, maximising comfort and performance and cutting job times. The system also automatically damps cutter bar oscillation during transport to protect the mechanical components of the combine harvester.

Special kits

Two special kits for installation on the cutter bars are available for harvesting sunflower seeds and rapeseed. The sunflower seed kit consists of special extensions used simultaneously together with a smooth cylinder (installed in front of the feeder auger) and a toothed roller (mounted under the cutter bar instead of the pick-up reel, which is removed) to harvest the crop efficiently and quickly.

deutz fahr combine c9300
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