Deutz Fahr 5g Series

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Arable farms, dairy farms, livestock farms, mixed farms, large farms and small farms, run as a main business or part-time – the range of applications for utility tractors is more diverse than ever before in modern agriculture. Additionally, there is forestry work and municipal tasks. Only when a tractor meets every aspect of the working profile and suits the financial restraints of a farm can it be commercially successful. DEUTZ-FAHR has developed the new 5G Series with this in mind. You will find a utility tractor that perfectly suits your needs among the seven models with an output of 75 hp to 116 hp splitted in three families with different wheelbases, different load capacities and weights and different tyre combinations. The specification and technology of the new 5G Series will also meet your needs. The cab guarantees ultimate working and operating comfort for all applications, while the new FARMotion Stage 4 (Tier4 Final) engines deliver maximum power with minimal emissions. A 40 km/h ECO transmission ensures the right speeds for precise, efficient work. You can choose between a mechanical reverse or a electro-hydraulic reverse Powershuttle. Impressive hydraulic power and lift capacity at the front and rear make the new 5G Series suitable for your application profile. Whatever your requirements, DEUTZ-FAHR can meet them with the largest range of utility tractor models.


A sublime working pleasure

Under the bonnet of the new 5G Series, there are state-of-the-art, compact, three- and four-cylinder FARMotion Stage 4 (Tier4 Final) engines with an output of 75–116 hp. These have been specifically designed and developed for agricultural use in order to meet the toughest requirements.

Safety is a top priority for DEUTZ-FAHR

The front axle concept of the new 5G Series guarantees good manoeuvrability, safety and traction in all ground conditions.

A class-beating cab

For the new 5G Series, working comfort means that the tractor adapts to the driver and not vice versa. The cab has been revised with the aim of making the operation fast, straightforward and intuitive for all types of work.

Innovative hydraulic system

The attachment points also demonstrate how well a utility tractor would suit your farm. With the new 5G Series, you can have almost any conceivable implement combination under precise control.

Deutz Fahr 5g Series
Series 5G
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