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The new DEUTZ-FAHR 5D TTV is the best utility tractor on the market today. With unprecedented versatility and class-beating high tech content, these machines are unlike anything else in their class. Practically unlimited scope for configuration, extraordinary compact construction, the TTV continuously variable transmission, a suspended front axle and a pressurised cab with a category 4 filtration system are just some of the features that set these machines apart from their rivals in this segment.


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The new 5D TTV features extraordinary performance and efficiency thanks to FARMotion engines, powerful hydraulics with Load Sensing pump and high-capacity rear lift. The new model is also ready for the challenges of modern agriculture thanks to Connected Farming System integration.


Despite the compact size typical for utility tractors, the new 5D TTV offers the same level of comfort you can find in high-horsepower segment. A 4-post cab suspended on a Hydro Silent-Block, an easyto-operate MaxCom armrest and bluetooth radio will make hard working days much more comfortable. The combination of the independent front axle suspension with the rear lift vibration damping functionality and TTV transmission ensures smooth driving under all conditions.


The new 5D TTV is perfectly aligned with the requirements of farmers, orchard growers, municipalities and all other customers alike who need a compact and powerful tractor they can use for a wide range of tasks. The new 5D TTV gives users the choice: 3 or 4-cylinder engine, standard or compact rear lift, fixed or suspended front axle, tire-combinations for an overall width from 1.75 to 2.2m, and many possibilities to individualize the hydraulics - just to name a few of the various options the 5D TTV provides.


From 4-wheel braking and hydraulic parking brake to cab with Cat. 4 filtration – the 5D TTV models offer a unique package of features aimed at increasing the safety of your work. In addition to that, the PowerZero function of the TTV transmission allows to temporarily stop the tractor without pressing the brake pedal, increasing the level of safety, especially when using the tractor in hilly fields or roads.

Серия 5D TTV
Серия 5D TTV
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