VENTO SMART is a 8 rows maize-sunflower / 12 rows soya-beetroot-colza pneumatic seeder, the frame closes up in height with a closed frame width of 2,55m.

During the transport VENTO SMART is supported by two wheels, while in the work stage, it works with 4 supporting wheels, this feature allows the machine to be trailed, reducing consumption, expenditure and excessive compression of the soil. While working, the supporting wheels axles can be expanded to the desired measure in order to run between the rows and never above the seeding lines.
VENTO SMART is very short, this feature, combined with the steering device, allows the machine to follow the tractor and manoevre in a small space. Available with the traditional mechanical transmission of the elements or electric with ELEKTRA DRIVE kit, it can be combined with isobus, gps and proportional seeding device.
VENTO SMART is versatile, it may be equipped with standard or automatic row distance frame, through this it is possible to change the row distance and the configuration of the machine in a short time. Suitable for conventional till, minimum till and no till
VENTO SMART becomes VENTO DRILL: replacing the precision seeding elements with wheat seeding modules, the fertilizer bunker becomes seeds bunker and the machine converts to a pneumatic seed drill.


Vento Smart
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