designed for rapid sowing, with or without prier soil tillage. Enormous work rates in min-till prior systems or on ploughed ground.

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The Jockey has been proven to give arable farmers large cost and timesavings thanks to the reduced labour, diesel and machinery costs. Reduce your costs and increase your yields with the new Jockey. The Jockey is a simple and very robust design with minimum moving and wearing parts but precise metering and consistant seed-depth.

Jockey 600
Working width 6,00 m
Transport width 3,00 m
Number of tines 36
Tine spacing 16,6 cm
Under frame clearance 60 cm
Length 7318 mm
Seed Hopper 2800 Liter
Weight 5750 kg
Power requirement 180 HP
Jockey 600
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